For quite some time now I have been posting gaming videos on YouTube, and have posted a great many of them as well. This page will keep up to date on my video listing and will likely be more up to date in terms of playlists as well. For those who came here through other means, my YouTube channel is:

Latest Video

Mega Man X - Highway Intro Stage

Time to get another game started, and this particular game has been requested far too much. One way or another, I mentioned I was intending to do the first three, so time for the first one. This first stage sets the dark, lifeless tone of the series, and has a plot battle you cannot win... not the best of first impressions.

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Previously Posted Games

Below is the entire list of all of the games I have posted playthroughs of on YouTube. The table is in chronological order where the oldest games I have posted are at the bottom while the newest games are at the top. Clicking on Video List will take you to a page where you can watch the videos for that game, or, if it is available, you can click on YouTube Playlist to access the game's playlist on YouTube. Little random videos that do not belong to any of my game playthroughs will not be listed here, however.

Previously Posted Games List
Mega Man X [Video List] N/A
Yoshi's Island (100% Completion) [Video List] N/A
Megamari [Video List] N/A
Mega Man 7 [Video List] N/A
Kirby's Dream Course [Video List] N/A
A Super Mario Thing (No Demos) [Video List] N/A
Mega Man 10 (Bass Perfect Runs) [Video List] N/A
Super Mario Brothers Lost Levels (SNES) [Video List] N/A
Super Mario Brothers (NES) [Video List] N/A
Wild Guns (Hard) [Video List] N/A
Mega Man 10 (Bass - Hard Mode) [Video List] N/A
Mega Man 10 (Ms. Perfect) [Video List] N/A
Mega Man 8 [Video List] [YouTube Playlist]
Kirby's Dream Land 2 [Video List] [YouTube Playlist]
Mega Man [Video List] [YouTube Playlist]
Kirby 64 - The Crystal Shards (Blind Run) [Video List] [YouTube Playlist]
Mega Man 2 [Video List] [YouTube Playlist]
Kirby Super Star - Single Ability Challenge [Video List] [YouTube Playlist]
Mega Man 5 [Video List] [YouTube Playlist]
Battletoads (NES) [Video List] [YouTube Playlist]
Kirby Super Star [Video List] [YouTube Playlist]
Mega Man 6 [Video List] [YouTube Playlist]
Guardian Legend [Video List] [YouTube Playlist]
Sonic 3 & Knuckles (Tails) [Video List] [YouTube Playlist]
Mega Man & Bass (Bass Perfect Runs) [Video List] [YouTube Playlist]
Metroid Fusion (100% Completion) [Video List] [YouTube Playlist]
Sunset Riders (SNES and Arcade) [Video List] [YouTube Playlist]
I Wanna Be The Guy (Single Sitting) [Video List] [YouTube Playlist]
Rockman No Constancy (Difficult) [Video List] [YouTube Playlist]
Mega Man 3 [Video List] [YouTube Playlist]
Mega Man 4 [Video List] [YouTube Playlist]
Mega Man 9 (Ms. Perfect) [Video List] [YouTube Playlist]
Super Mario World - The Second Reality Project Reloaded [Video List] [YouTube Playlist]
Sonic Unleashed (Wii) [Video List] [YouTube Playlist]
Wario Land Shake It! (100% Completion) [Video List] [YouTube Playlist]
Mega Man 9 (No Deaths) [Video List] [YouTube Playlist]
F-Zero GX (Standard) [Video List] N/A
Super Metroid (100% Completion) [Video List] [YouTube Playlist]
Metroid Prime (Bosses) [Video List] [YouTube Playlist]
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle [Video List] [YouTube Playlist]
TMNT4 - Turtles in Time [Video List] [YouTube Playlist]