Side Projects

While I may have a busy life, there are still many other hobbies I like to work on. This causes me to pick up side projects that I work on every now and then, but not all that often. This page will list off what these side projects are and give a bit of a description of them. These are the sorts of things where I usually work on them in bursts of progress before working on other things again. It should thus be understood that all of these follow the motto of "if it gets done, it will be done when it is done".

Moonlite Shadows

Moonlite Shadows TitleMoonlite Shadows is a RPG I have been working on for quite some time now. I originally started constructing it in RPG Maker 2003, but after significant development, I finally grew sick of the engine's limitations and moved up to RPG Maker XP. The game plays quite differently between the two versions to the point where they may as well be two entirely different games. This is something I am not sure I will ever finish, but working on it is fun when I get around to it. If it is ever finished someday, I will consider it an accomplishment of my own persistence if anything.

I actually built a website for the game, so feel free to visit the Moonlite Shadows Homepage if you are curious and want to try what bits of the game I have constructed.

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