The following is a simple list of links to anything commonly brought up by myself. I may add more as time goes on, but this is all there is for now.

Personal Links

PinkKittyRose's YouTube Channel - I would not be very far without this right here! This is easily what I am most known for, but plenty of people have met me without even seeing my YouTube channel, too.

PinkKittyRose's JustinTV Channel - This is the channel I use for my weekly live broadcasts! They are almost always on Saturday nights. You can keep track of schedules on the forums!

PinkKittyRose's Twitter Account - I use this account for announcing site news, video status, broadcast status, random comments here and there, and all sorts of other things. Follow it if you want to keep track of any news on my end.

Friend Links

RoahmMythril's YouTube Channel - I have mentioned him many times in my videos and have even done little co-op projects with him. This here is RoahmMythril's channel, home to lots of fun Lets Play's and his popular Mega Man Perfect Run series. Roahm continues to fight through the troubles of HughesNet for everlasting entertainment!

Kuposan3 AKA Shagg's YouTube Channel - Shagg takes a dramatically different approach to his Lets Play videos compared to Roahm and I. He does not strive for perfect, he just strives to have a good time while being entertainingly silly! It usually tends to work out, but there are some videos he did not like the results of. I am in a few of his videos too as a guest, which were fun little recordings to work together on!

Kittah4 AKA Kit's YouTube Channel - Kit does not post videos very often at all. He tends to take part in any group recording projects going on and is featured as a guest in several of Shagg's videos as well, though! His channel tends to specialize in speed-runs of Mega Man or Mega Man-esque games of the 8-bit variety. Feel free to check them out!

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