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Mega Man

Mega Man - Guts Man's Stage

Guts Man just has one question to ask anyone who dares defy him... do you have GUTS?! Aside from that, I decided to finally post the original Mega Man. This game is pretty bad compared to almost the entire rest of the classic series. I only position Mega Man 8 below it thus far.

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Mega Man - Cut Man's Stage

Kung-fu Cut Man going to CUT! YOU! UP! After he is done with that, he shall make paper dolls out of you! Silliness of Amercian cartoons aside, Cut Man's stage is a common starting point in this game as the stage is not too hard and Cut Man is hilariously weak to everything!

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Mega Man - Elec Man's Stage

Hi there, Elec Man's stage. I hate you, you and your constant ladder climbing. The music is good, but the stage itself really drags on due to very slow climbing speeds of the early Mega Man games. Elec Man himself can actually be taken down without too much trouble with the buster if you use a certain method. Roahm's got a video on how to do it properly.

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Mega Man - Ice Man's Stage

Make sure you have picked up the Magnet Beam in Elec Man's stage, or this stage will be utter hell for all the wrong reasons. This stage contains an enemy type called Footholders. You are expected to jump onto them while they move close to where you need to be, then jump off again. The problem is they move RANDOMLY so it takes forever to get where you need to go.

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Mega Man - Fire Man's Stage

Fire Man's stage is full of all sorts of traps... which you can deal with almost entirely with the Ice Slasher and Magnet Beam. It is actually easy to beat Fire Man with just the buster if you follow the same strategy as I use with Ice Slasher in this video, really.

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Mega Man - Bomb Man's Stage

Much as I like a good, satisfying, earth-shattering kaboom... Bomb Man's weapon just sucks... horribly. This stage is pretty average... it has the first instance of Sniper Joes and various enemies that hide in pits. I dunno... I just do not like it all that much.

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Mega Man - Wily's Fortress : Stage 1

Now here is a stage that few remember for the actual stage. The music is pretty nice here, and heck, Wily gets his eye-brow waggling in, even in the very first game! The thing people remember about this stage is the boss, the Yellow Devil. You basically need to memorize his pattern if you want to live.

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Mega Man - Wily's Fortress : Stage 2

Speaking of stages with annoying bosses... This one actually has several since there are some rematches here. They are spread around the entire fortress this time instead of all being in one place. The boss is a clone of yourself who is incredibly irritating to fight. It will use the same weapon you do, and can even have multiple types of projectiles on-screen at once!

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Mega Man - Wily's Fortress : Stages 3 & 4

Stage 3 is incredibly puny. For this reason, I decided to combine both stages 3 and 4 into one video. Stage 4 has all of the remaining rematches in it, and the battle with Wily is actually pretty easy. Playing through this game again was okay, but I do not like it all that much... just a little bit. Still though, fight Mega Man! For ever-lasting justice!

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