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Battletoads (NES)

Battletoads (NES) - Part 1 : Playing with Brute Force

Battletoads. Battletoads? Battletoads! This game is about as infamous as they come on the NES. The game itself is very well made with good music, graphics, level design, the works. What makes it so infamous is its difficulty. It is saying something when it took me pretty much a month of tries to get a recorded run done of this game. Do not let this first video fool you... it gets harder.

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Battletoads (NES) - Part 2 : Speeding Through Slippery Tunnels

A lot of people seem to have trouble with the third stage of this game, but if you are good at memorization it should not be a problem at all after the first couple of tries. Stage 4 is where things start getting a little worse... Ice physics are never a good sign, and everything is trying to knock you around in this stage. Be careful and do not get greedy!

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Battletoads (NES) - Part 3 : Surfing Along Snakes and Flames

Woo! Three stages in one video! I have to give this game credit... the difficulty curve is just right in this game. It manages to get gradually harder with each stage without any big spikes up or down. Stage 7 is another vehicle stage, so get your memory ready! Some of it is random, though.

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Battletoads (NES) - Part 4 : Physics Defying Tower Climb

This stage really is not that bad. Just watch out for the poison gas and the fans as both are one hit kills. Also, the screen does not scroll back down if you fall, so that there is your biggest obstacle.

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Battletoads (NES) - Part 5 : Words Cannot Describe the Hate

This is the part of the game where it starts giving me hell. The water stage is bad enough as is, but the stage right after it... oh gods. Apparently head-butting that last rat at the right times can make it easier, and I have seen it work... but it almost seems harder than just out-running the thing... almost. My thumb tends to hurt from having to double-tap to dash by the end of Stage 9.

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Battletoads (NES) - Part 6 : Oh My Thumb it Begs for Mercy

Stage 10 is where a lot of my recording attempts ended. You have to be ridiculously precise with your d-pad movements to get through this stage in one piece. The boss fight at the end of it is a joke in comparison to the actual stage, and you need to do that part of the stage all at once!

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Battletoads (NES) - Part 7 : The Victory Climb

After stages 9 and 10... this one actually feels a fair bit easier. The difficulty here usually comes from the fact that you rarely ever get here and thus have little to no chance to practice it. The final boss is pretty simple like most Battletoads bosses, and then after that, you finally win! This was a fun, but very long and tedious thing to record sometimes.

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