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 Clow Riusaky gallery art/fics 
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Post Clow Riusaky gallery art/fics
uuhh well ... It's my first contribution in this issue ... is my first fanfic crossover of MLP FiM (yes, I am a brony. Is there any problem with that?) with the videogame series Persona, my sister helped me with the English translation ... Please, don't hate me.

Spoiler: show
The Lost Memories

Chapter 1

Once I dreamed I was a butterfly
Forget who I was and only knew the joy of being a butterfly
Soon I woke remembering who was
I dreamed I was a butterfly?
I dreamed that I am a man?

Running was the only thought that his mind could scream or was it the survival instinct screaming? By this time I did not care if his beloved was the logic that dictated orders. I just wanted to live to see again the light of day, for her life was her primary rule.

But where to run? Was the question, just the void of darkness lay before her, without a horizon which attain. Without turning his head back, not wanting to see the cause of her terror, only she knew in the depths of her soul that did not need to see what lay behind her; death was actually became true. The pain of her legs was unbearable, could not remember any pain similar to that experienced now, as her muscles each tendon was torn by the effort to keep running, the warm tears escaped her eyes. No doubt her mind was surrendered to the inevitable; her death was a fact of which she could not escape.

She did not know the time when tripped. Did coordinating movement lost? Something in the darkness made her fall? She just knew that rolled and beat on that dark ground at high speed and strength. Her breathing was stirred while every inch of his being screamed in agony from the pain, try closing her eyes at least to think of something that could make her forget all a vague illusion before feeling the embrace of so heartbreaking.

She could feel her chest is pressed, as the air was becoming increasingly difficult to reach her lungs. Was slowly strangled by the darkness of this world, with the memory of a beautiful picnic with her friends took leave of life, but the memory faded with the arrival of something golden Does the sun? Any memory could not locate her mind? Some cry in the darkness, the roar of an angry beast yet frightened with the glow of something blue.
She opened her eyes to feel the air fill her lungs, how the pain was slowly being washed by the strange light. Above her, it hung a figure never seen but somehow seemed familiar. The extended silhouette light one end to it, but it was not a paw but an arm, seemed to have a claw with five completions or was it a piece of armor that covered? --Do not be afraid. Take my hand-- whispered a voice in her head and without thinking, ignoring the pain even raised her right paw, trying to touch it.

Something began to tickle in her mind, a child's voice definitely stood consistency but every second, little could understand and know who he was --Twilight! Wake up, please!-- For Twilight Sparkle, darkness went along with being bright and felt that part of her was incomplete, not now but long. Only now noticed it.
The real world is opened in front of her violet eyes, turning his head from side to side just to calm down to see what was in her home, surrounded by her beloved books, cocked her head to find the worried look of a young dragon baby purple and green scales –-Twilight, are you okay? You were shaking and ... seemed drown-- the little dragon whisper worriedly. The brain of the unicorn began work immediately but could not believe she was drowning in the real world and in her sleep. Her throat muscles contracted? Might find an answer in their books now but does not let her brain for the information gained, first had to soothe the baby dragon. She smiles to her assistant and almost little brother Spike --'I'm fine, it was only a nightmare-- She answers while embracing the small, partly to soothe and her equal.

Starting to feel good about her and see that she was on the floor of the library, surrounded by a circular wall of tiny open books, the night was the queen in heaven but gradually light rays light loomed, bringing colors Dawn "I remember, I fell asleep trying to translate these books" She thought finally noticing a few books out of the wall. At her feet were open books written in different languages but all shared a similar, illustrations beings never before seen by her life or some other text. Many of them had the same features that you could classify as Humans.

Memories of days gone by came to her mind like a movie, the same place but more organized on a warm day and the arrival of a mint green unicorn to her home library. For Twilight knew she'd seen before by the Ponyville park playing a lyre, a Cutie Mark Like sticking in her green coat. Like the rare form of it sitting on the benches when he played his instrument. Presented with the name of Lyra Heartstrings, thought too big a coincidence the lavender unicorn. Wonder if humans had books.

At first the word for it did not sound but her mind came to remember vaguely, following her organization system founds myths section. A dusty book that you could tell it was rarely used. The cover was only human word and illustration of what looked like a tall upright but did had eight limbs. A subspecies of spider? She soon realized it was an illustration showing the proportions of the body of a mathematical form. But being so worn out by the time the image could not at first notice the circle and the square where the being was locked.

Recalling that she had a customer waiting took the book with her magic, floating beside a violet with magenta aura the book became surrounded by a light green aura. The Green Pony smiled thanking the book and taking from her wallet a card from the library. Twilight took it with her magic and took leave of the unicorn which started reading the book when it hit the streets.

For some reason something tinkling began in the far corner of her mind, but ignored it as she remembered that she had an outlet to the spa with two of her friends. Wasting no time left in the meeting. It was a normal visit with pampering for her to feel her body submerged in the hot water while listening to the rumors of her dear friend. She opened her eyes to see the unicorn white, indigo mane, and a long mane pink yellow pegasus. Rarity and Fluttershy, two totally opposite ponies and not only for being a unicorn and a pegasus. Mainly, because their nature. Even part of Twilight is questioned as it was possible that the two were friends but their friendship experience had made her see that things like that were not barriers to have a strong friendship.

Distracted in her thoughts just hear her name out of the mouth of the unicorn Rarity dressmaker --Sorry, I was thinking of something else. Asked me something?-- Wonder Twilight --Darling, recently asked if she was at your home Lyra-- said Rarity seeing the young librarian --Yes, but she called a book. Why ask?-- The Unicorn blue eyes connected with her friend pegasus aqua-beloved eyes. --The reason is that she is medium rare. I do not know if you noticed how sitting in the park, I have also heard of other ponies she seems to try to walk on their hind legs-- to Twilight, this was nothing new, it seemed that all the residents of Ponyville tended to scared by any fact unusual and carried away by rumors and creating fear made out of logic.

She calmly looked at her friend Rarity --I do not want to remind you what happened to us the first time, Zecora. We can not let rumors do we create a false image of someone else. She came, ordered a book and left. The only odd thing was the theme of the book, a kind of mythological creature called human-- said Twilight --Human?-- Fluttershy asked in a low voice, very normal in her by nature shy and skittish --Yes, if not for my organization and reviews the inventory of the library, thinking I had never had anything like that. I even took a while to remember that I have a book of them. Hardly touched the fictional mythology section.-- replied the lavender unicorn.

The evening progressed more in the spa but it was time to leave and everyone returned to their homes, but for Twilight in her mind had frozen time of day at a time, with the human book before her. She could not understand how she was curious about an issue that had no scientific basis or fact. But her mind seemed to be attracted anyway for that topic.

Knowing that she can not concentrate on anything but resigned herself to look upon them and to calm her curiosity to get back to their studies. Barely through the door of her home with her magic locked the door and levitated a book of the same section she checked in the morning. Another book about humans came to her face, without wasting time opened it and began reading while settled into a cushion for more comfortable reading.

With each passing page analytical and rational mind complained, claiming for lost time in a reading could not provide an educational benefit, but part of her brain forced her to keep reading until you reach the middle of the book where she found something seemed quiet her rational side for a second. Humans, mythological creatures had their own myths, was it possible? A creature of mythology, almost bordering on fiction could own myths? The mythology was usually to give a reason or unknown image, was also a fact that eventually was deformed to be counted from mouth to mouth in decorating or exaggerating.

But a mythological race could have its own mythology was rare and could not deny it, fascinating. To her frustration, it was a little information and not very accurate. Taking the few books she had of humans try to find more details. Unaware of how the hours passed.

The days passed calmly to Ponyville and Twilight Sparkle found a new friend. The mint green unicorn returns the book and the youth lavender unicorn lost no opportunity to ask her about what she knew. Twilight, for a moment, to shine in the golden eyes of green unicorn scared her but then calmed down to see it was the same as she was when she discovered something new in her books, for Lyra was also discovered that someone else was interested her subject.

Although Lyra had vast human information, to the disappointment of Twilight knowledge of the unicorn was on their way of life and development but not its myths, Lyra had to apologize because that information was scarce, but she promised that if she found more on human mythology would tell her without fail. Resigning, Twilight smiled and thanked her. It was not long to be invited by Lyra for lunch and talk about it again. Learned that humans were divided into many cultures and each had its own mythology.

Each new piece of information was only one more question to the puzzle that formed in her head, unable to get anywhere only had an option to try to get out of what looked like a dead end. Finishing writing her latest report to her mentor even with her levitating pen on paper, wondering whether to write what she wanted, closed her eyes. Letting guide her magic pen, writing a small request of some books.

Little had to wait because the next morning the poor Spike writhed stomach to receive not only the letter of the monarch of all Equestria, but including some curious books content. Twilight smiled as if a new sweet but soon her mood plummeted when opened. All books were written in languages incomprehensible to her and not just one but several different, reading the letter from her teacher is not only said to be surprised by the curious student reading her most faithful but the books were written in the appeared to be ancient languages that she could not understand.

This not only discouraged the unicorn, it could say that she was devastated, something neither her teacher could not understand. How she could understand if even a Deity as her princess can? Something stirred in her; it was a thought but something deeper. Something in her soul with desire erg like her, for she had not an impossibility when it came to seek knowledge and that would. She seek.

Recalling all that kept watching Twilight books, but little progress had her effort had produced for her bounds steps in your research, she could not believe the vast and varied cultures of information that race mythological. They looked so different from each other but many had big coincidence. Gods and demons were similar in different cultures and even meet almost the same roles but with different objectives or variants. How humans created their gods to explain the movement of the stars, nature and death. Different planes after life and its consequences for their actions during this.

Incredible stories of adventure and exploits of heroes. Fallen and destruction of Gods, angels and demons. Her mind was boiling by the desire to know more and look how different cultures could have as many similarities to one another without direct contact between them, yawned and looked out the window as the last traces of the night were when the star of the night was moved by the power of the Princess Luna and as the sun was raised by Princess Celestia.

Tired and with the nightmare lost in the depths of her memory, she decided to sleep a little more, Equestria not come to an end if she was granted a few hours of sleep. Lazily organize the books by placing them in their proper places, grab the books provided by the Princess and took them to the stairs –-Will you going to breakfast, Twilight?-- Ask Spike out of the kitchen wearing a chef's hat –-Not for now, Spike. I think I will try to recover a few hours of sleep because I have nothing scheduled with the girls-- replied with a slight smile Twilight.

Spike nodded back to the kitchen, Twilight climbed the rungs of the ladder reaching her room, leaving the books carefully on her table next several notations tidy tumbled down on the bed, grab something to cover only plugs windows with curtains trying to get the lowest possible light on it. Forgetting the nightmare relax her body and mind, allowing Morpheus the god of dreams lead her with one last smile remembering the new god who discovered began to sleep in peace.
Outside, while light rays bathed the land of Equestria, a butterfly flapped its wings lightly golden on the tree that was the home of the young Unicorn Princess and Celestia’s protected, watching the sunrise. Looking at the life of a new day.

Without knowing what she was getting into, not knowing that not only stirring legends of ancient times and forgotten for any mortal or eternal creature. Twilight Sparkle would witness the rebirth of something that sleeps in the depths of the minds of all living beings. Something that has slept for eons but she has not only revived but something more. Only this time waited to manifest. Time to fight, again.

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Post Re: Clow Riusaky gallery art/fics

But, My Little Persona,


Don't know anything about persona other than the music is great, and for ponies; I only see posts, signatures, prof pics, and the occasional funny pony remix and/or hate video.


What language was it originally?


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Post Re: Clow Riusaky gallery art/fics
He speaks Spanish, so, he writes in Spanish, first.


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Post Re: Clow Riusaky gallery art/fics
IrukaAoi wrote:
He speaks Spanish, so, he writes in Spanish, first.

Ah I see, well that's cool.

I really need to work on my Spanish... Been too long xP


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