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 The Pink Rose Garden - Forum Rules 
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Post The Pink Rose Garden - Forum Rules
Rules of the Garden

Much like any other interactive website, there are rules that must be followed. These rules exist to help make the use of the forums more enjoyable for everyone by getting rid of things that are simply completely unneeded. Most of these rules should simply be common sense and things expected from any forum, others should be checked as they address things that are slightly different in each forum (signature size, etc). The punishment for breaking any rules will vary in severity depending on what the rule was. The punishment for each rule will be listed with it.

Rule 1

The first, and most important rule of all is to simply be properly respectful to each member. Starting flame wars, trolling, or any other forms of trying to annoy people on purpose are simply not acceptable. A post that is doing nothing else than picking on someone is not contributing to a topic at all. There are many different ways this can happen, though, so to address them all...

  • Prejudice and discrimination are not acceptable. Picking on someone just because they are part of a specific race, group, etc, is cruel and basically makes the disrespecting person look like an imbecile. This includes no picking on new members as just because they are new does not mean they cannot contribute equally well to the forums. Whether or not someone is out of line is up to the forum staff's discretion, after all.
  • Do not disrespect other members by posting private conversations (e-mails, IMs, PMs, etc) without their permission on the forums. Such forms of 1-on-1 communication are meant to be private, after all, so ask anyone involved with it first to make sure they approve.
  • Do not be abusive with PMs. This includes flaming a person through PMs as this is simply uncalled for and stupid. If you do not like someone on the forums, just ignoring them works better than lashing out at them. After all, it is not them that will be punished for it, it will be you. This also includes constantly PMing a user even after they have told you to stop. If any of this is happening to you, report it to the forum staff.

Disrespecting other users in these fashions can result in a range of punishments from a simple warning to an out-right ban depending on severity of the infraction. For example, simply insulting someone mid-topic would only get a minor punishment compared to singling someone out and continually attacking them.

Rule 2

This should be another simple, common sense rule. There is to be no blatant spamming on the forums. Spamming clutters up the boards and makes it more difficult for users to find the information or topics they are looking for, so spamming is not taken lightly. Once again there are many different forms of this, so I will address them...

  • No advertising through topics, PMs, etc. If you want to advertise something, keep it to your forum signature. This should be quite easy to understand.
  • No double-posting... This one is a given on most forums. Double-posting is pointless when a perfectly good edit button exists to add to your previous post instead of making a whole new post. Double-posting would be acceptable for such things as an artist updating their art thread, though.
  • No bumping old, dead topics. This is in the same sort of area as double-posting. If a topic has not been posted in for a long time (a month or more), do not bother digging it back up, especially if your post is not contributing in any significant way. Once again, there are very few times where this would be acceptable such as artists updating their art thread.
  • No hi-jacking, overly derailing, etc, topics. This one is a bit more lenient, but do try to stay on topic when posting. A topic that gets hi-jacked or totally derailed no longer even talks about the original subject, making the remaining posts belong in a completely new topic. This is needlessly messy, so if it gets to a point where a lot of discussion is moving off-topic, a new topic should be made.

Once again, punishment depends on the severity of the infraction. Most spamming would net a warning at most for the first offense, but if the spamming continues, punishments will become progressively worse until building up to a ban. These are all pretty common sense rules, though, so they should be easy to follow.

Rule 3

Post topics in the correct forum. This is just a given, that is why multiple sections exist in the first place. Each section describes what types of topics go there, so it should be easy to figure out where to post something. Also, try to keep the topic subject appropriate as well. An example of this is that you should try to avoid having topic subjects that are simply "Hi", or other one word greeings when posting in the Main Entrance section of the forum.

Punishments for not following this room are minor at best, starting with a written warning, but continuing to not follow this rule will still result in progressively worse punishments and a possible banning.

Rule 4

Absolutely no pornographic, sexual, etc, content. I am particularly strict about this one. While the members of the forum may be a large group of ages, this sort of content is unneeded, and most importantly, not wanted by myself or other staff. This is not the website for that kind of content, so it is simply to be kept off.

Punishments will be more severe for this rule than most others, earning one or multiple warnings right off the bat, even to the point of a temporary or permanent ban on the first offense should the content be inappropriate enough. Just do not do it.

Rule 5

No overly large signatures. Huge signatures simply take up too much space and get in the way, so keep them at a proper size. The absolute largest signature size allowed is roughly 750x350 pixels in size, but trying to keep it a bit smaller than this is recommended. Also make sure to keep signatures appropriate. Overly obnoxious signatures may be removed by the forum staff if they are deemed unacceptable.

Punishments for not following this rule will be minor at best. Just as long as you do not repeat the offense, nothing worse than a warning should be received.

Rule 6

No ban-evading, multiple accounts, etc. Unless you have other people living in the same house that access the forum as well, there should be no need for a single IP address to be associated with multiple accounts. No making a new account if you end up starting to dislike your old user name, for example.

This is a simple rule to follow, and not doing such will result in quite firm punishments. Obviously ban-evaders will be banned again, and likely banned in a more severe fashion to help prevent future evasion. Making multiple accounts will result in the deletion of one account, while the other will receive a warning. Punishments will become more severe if offenses are repeated.

Rule 7

This is an English forum, so stick to posting only in English. While I do not mean any disrespect to anyone whose native language is not English, it is very important that the forum staff can actually read what is being posted so as to be able to properly maintain the forums. Little bits and pieces of other languages are fine if it is on-topic, but do try to avoid it.

Punishments will be pretty minor for breaking this rule. The first two or three offenses would merely result in a verbal warning, but if the rule is continually ignored punishments will escalate to account warnings and eventually bans as with any other rule.

Rule 8

There is to be no posts containing nothing more than a joke image (facepalms, silly GIFs, etc.) outside of the Random Nonsense area of the forums. Adding a sentence or two that further does not contribute to a thread does not bypass this rule either. These types of posts often are completely worthless and derail threads, which is also against the rules.

Punishments will vary for breaking this rule, but continued breaking of it will result in increased severity of punishments.

Rule 9

Under no circumstances will links to illegal items such as pirated video games, software, and any other similar products on the forums. They can be sent through PMs as those are fully private, but this DOES NOT MEAN you should mention that you have such a link available on the forums. The last thing I need is trouble from the web-host for having illegal content accessible on the site.

Punishments for advertising encouraging others to ask you for links to pirated products will result in an account warning and continue on to a ban if repeated. The punishment for posting a direct link to a pirated product will be a 1 week temporary ban followed by a permanent ban if it happens again.

Rule 10

Please do not be a "Back-Seat Moderator" by trying to say what you would do "if you were a mod". This is very bothersome to the staff as it is up to THEM to decide what to do, not YOU as a general user. Have some respect and do not tell others how to do their job as it is terribly rude, just like with trying to tell people how to do their job in real life settings.

Punishments follow the usual variance for this one depending on severity of the offence and if the user has been misbehaving before it.

Rule 11

Please refrain from posting overly graphic or disturbing images as many users will most certainly not appreciate them. While what someone finds disturbing will vary from person to person, common sense ones such as excessively gory images are obviously not to be posted. While this does not cover what niche groups would find disturbing, it covers the more general audience, so be respectful.

Since this one can be left to personal judgement a bit, initial punishments would be light, but they will still escalate similarly to breaking any other rules.


That is all the rules at this time. Should there be a need to add more rules or add further details to current ones, I will be sure to do such. Please respect each and every rule to help make these forums are fun place for the community. Thanks to all those who listen to and read these rules.

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