Frequently Asked Questions

The more time goes by, the more questions I get asked. Oh the extreme amount of questions... Many of them are repeats of one another, though, which is where the existence of this page becomes needed! Anytime I get asked the same question too many times, I will end up putting its anwer in here. I know this will do very little to stop the questions, but hey, at least the answer is somewhere, as I am not answering the same question over and over and over.

Video FAQ

At one point, all the constant asking of the same few questions gave me the idea to make a small video FAQ. It is nothing all that fancy, I just list off the most common questions I had received and answer them in sufficient detail.

This video covers the following questions:

- What video software do you use to make your videos?
- Which emulators do you use?
- Will you accept my friend request/subscribe to me?
- Will you marry me/other hitting-on type questions...
- Will you do videos of [x] game?
- Will you record a co-op game with Roahm/Shagg/Kit/etc?
- Can you tell me how to do/get [x] in [y] game?

I go into quite a bit of detail about the software I use, including what I use to capture video and audio from my actual game consoles, so be sure to watch the FAQ video if you are wondering about any of the above questions. The rest of the FAQ questions are ones I have gotten a lot since this video was made.

General FAQ

Q. Will you ever be doing playthroughs of the Mega Man X/Zero/ZX series?

Feline Pink StampA. Oi, this one pops up far too often. I simply prefer the classic Mega Man series massively over the other series. Heck, I find game quality is more consistent in the Battle Network series than the X series. I MIGHT do the first three X games someday, and possibly X6 if I really feel like it, but that is it. I have only played the first 6 of them as that is all I have access to, and those are the only ones I have liked to any extent. I do not like the Zero series very much due to its grindy nature and needing to do especially well in stages to get any of the boss weapons. I have never played the ZX series before at all, though.

Q. Why do you do text-based commentary instead of voice commentary?

Pink Rose StampA. Well, there are a few reasons for this one. First of all, I really like the game music and sound for most of the games I play, so I tend to want to keep them fully audible. Voice commentary tends to drown them out almost completely. Also, I have just never felt I have had the voice for voice commentary aside from group commentary. The videos would mostly be silence on my part without having a guest, thus is why all my videos with voice are me guesting with someone else. I also feel voice commentary is a little over-done. There are a lot of voice commentary people out there, and I only like certain ones... Knowing how annoying and intrusive bad voice commentary can be, I would rather not contribute to it when I can stick to my text-based commentary. That is just how I feel, though.

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