About Me

Pink RoseWhat is there to say about me? Well, potentially there is a lot to say, but I have never been one to say it all. I am just a simple lass for the most part who lives a pretty standard life by now. It was not always that way, though, as I am one who never grew up with any sort of parental figure. This resulted in me, more or less, raising myself. It also means I spent most of my life quite alone, but really, what does not kill you only makes you stronger. Learning to depend on myself made me become quite independent and strong, and I would not have it any other way.

I eventually wound up being taken in by a foster family. This turned out to be a more unpleasant experience than how my life had been so far. The entire foster family seems to be screwed up in one way or another. The foster father is a control-freak who literally describes families as a "dictatorship". How nice, eh? The foster mother is rather spineless and barely stands up to the foster father, so his tyranny basically goes unchecked. Simply put, my relation to them is, they use me to do everything around the house for them when I am there, and I use them for money, food, and whatever else they offer me. Not a friendly relation, sure, but it could be worse.

Dreadfully boring as all that is, I am sure, my hobbies have always been pretty centred around gaming and computing for the most part. I do a lot of working out too, but I dunno if that would be called a hobby. The biggest one most people know about is my YouTube videos. I love playing many different types of games, and people seem to enjoy watching them, so I keep creating more and more footage to post. Over time my fan-base continues to grow, and this continues to surprise me more and more. When I first started, I would never have dreamed of having so many people that would like to watch me play games, but now I have over 2,500 subscribers and growing... I really am amazed. In the beginning I did not even post my commentary at all, but now I use written commentary in the videos, and this seems to be a popular decision. While I could easily do spoken commentary, I just feel it is over-done, and I really do not have the voice for it. No one seems to agree with me in that regard, but I will continue to think so anyways! I do appreciate having so many viewers though, and I am happy people find the videos helpful. That is what they are there for, after all!

Feline PinkMost of my other hobbies are just simple things like general gaming and even some game design work. I have various other things I like to do with real life friends too. When it comes to gaming, though, I find I am mediocre at best. Sure, my videos show me getting through games without taking a hit, but they are certainly not first tries! I just play games to have fun and challenge myself a bit, so I tend not to worry about getting super skilled at anything, as that would become frustrating and not fun after awhile.

In case the name Pink 'Kitty' Rose was not enough of a tip-off, I am indeed what is known as a "furry". Not in the stereotypical sense, though. I have found I have always related well to felines when it comes to general behaviour, so for years upon years now I have looked at myself as a feline. Thus my "fursona" as I guess they are called, is nothing other than what I already look like, but with feline parts added in. No overly fancy stuff, no exaggerations, just a simple, straight-forward design. I kind of find it amusing how most of the hate I see directed at furries is for reasons completely different from the person being a furry in the first place!

I suppose I have rambled on about myself long enough though in all my usual long-winded vagueness. I have always been pretty wordy, so the length of this really does not surprise me. If you actually read this whole wall-of-text through to the end, congratulations, you have a longer attention span for rambling than I would expect. That is really all I have to say though, so uhh... yeah.

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